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​We offer NY Style, Hand Tossed, Thin, and Ultra Thin Crust. Our dough is made daily, with MY MAMA'S secret recipe. We offer Free Flavored Crust. Original, Parmesan, or Italian Herb. Enjoy a nice variety of toppings and specialty pizzas as well. Try the best pizza in town made Fresh and Hot, My Mama's Way! *Starting Price $4.99

My Mama's Pizza Plus Menu 
My Mama's makes sure we prepare every dish with love to ensure our customers enjoy the best dining experience possible. Casual  food made from fresh ingredients is what makes our menu your favorite,  My Mama's home cooking.
Our produce is locally traded and brought to us fresh.  We chop and cut every vegetable in house, and that makes for a crisp salad made fresh to order MY MAMA'S Way!
                                  *Starting Price $5.99
Calzone Style Oven Baked Subs
MY MAMA'S Sub selection includes: The Cheese Melt, Pizza, Delux, ChickenParmesan, Meatball,Veggie Delight, Turkey, or Club. You can create your own as well.  All of our Calzone Style Baked Subs are made to order Fresh!                      *Starting Price $4.49
Wings & Tenders
Hot Dogs
Home Made Bread Sticks
 MY MAMA'S delicious Wings are available in Buffal0 style, Bar-BQ, Honey Bar-BQ, Honey Mustard, or Garlic Herb. Try our Home Made Chicken Tenders, breaded and baked to  perfection!            *Starting Price $6.99&$3.99
You will Love our Pastas, they will have the whole family craving pasta night. Choose from our oven Baked Spagetti, Chicken Parmesan, and Chicken Alfredo.        *Starting Price $7.99
 MY MAMA'S Way!  This Burger is a mouth watering delight  in every bite.  Hand made, with love and Big Flavor.  Just tell us what you want on it, we'll make it just the way you like it!
 Natural Cut Oven Baked Fries.  Baked crispy and lightly seasoned with salt.  You can also get our Garlic Herb seasoning sprinkled on them if you would like.  Fresh Fries for Fresh Flavor!           *Starting Price $.99
This just ain't any old Hot Dog!  MY MAMA'S uses All Beef Hot Dogs in a freshly baked bun, topped to  your liking.
Try MY MAMA'S Home Made Bread Sticks and you will feel like you took a bite right out of Italy. Origianal,
Cheese, or Garlic Bread to choose from.  All MY MAMA'S Way! 
                         *Starting Price $3.49
Can't wait till you try MY MAMA'S World Famous CINNAMON BREAD.  Or if you are a CHEESES CAKE fan, brace yourself you might just melt after you take a bite out of this delectable treat. 
​              *Starting Price $3.49   
 *Starting prices are for small
                 ALL DAY!